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The number 1 professional application on the market:

The fastest, the most comprehensive and the most effective, dedicated to valet parking and shuttle parking ...

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A genuine Android and IOS application, and its cloud software for simple, efficient management of valet parking and car parks available in 15 countries!

Fill in and optimise without wasting time on a daily basis.

All your bookings, deposits and returns arrive automatically in your smartphone.

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Inputs / Outputs

Platform reservations

Creating reservations



Shuttle schedule



Benefits and functions

Bookings just a click away

View valet arrivals and departures or drop-offs and pick-ups effortlessly.

Manage vehicle drop-offs and pick-ups in a timely manner, whether you have a valet parking or a car parkYou'll be on time wherever you go.

Scan the QRCode or the number plate to open the reservation.

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Confirm your booking

It's easy to see whether everything has been paid for, whether there's any money left to collect, when the person will return, transport delays and other options.

No forgetting, everything is checked and you get automatic alerts.

Create reservations

Create bookings with personalised options (insurance, car washes, etc.).

In just a few seconds, the booking is automatically sent to the passenger, along with a QRCode and all the booking details.

If you wish, the payment link will be sent automatically so that you can pay by credit card on your website, which will send the invoice.

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Assign tasks to valets or shuttles

You can create and delete providers yourself and manage your entire business.

Your choice, a valet can :

  • See all bookings
  • See your reservations and those of others
  • Reservations only

You give an arrival to one valet, the return to another, and they only see what they need.

Find all your bookings

Find all your past, present and future bookings.

By arrivals, departures, options and payments.

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All your business, in your pocket

You can manage all your valeting activities within the application. The software is permanently synchronised and can be used by other people: secretary, manager, etc.

You update the rates for your site and platforms.

Hundreds of other functions

Hundreds of other functions are available or in development and will be included:

  • State of play in photos and in the cloud
  • Update your site
  • Check and change your rates
  • Manage your communications with customers
  • Locate your bookings with GPS
  • Delay alerts
  • etc...
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Application dedicated to valet parking and shuttles

Earn money

List your valet service on platforms to get more customers

Save time

Sort and manage your deposits and returns automatically

Improve efficiency

Manage your business from a single dashboard

Centralise bookings

We manage the largest reservation platforms, with over 25 partners in all countries, and help you manage your visibility on the most reputable car park rental and valeting websites.

With platforms and your own website you gain many new customers and boost your business to the max!


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Number 1 in the world

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"Reliable and efficient for organising your car park"

All in one place

Our valet management software allows you to centralising platforms and manage valet parking and car park reservations in one place.

Register your valet parking service with Parkos, Travelcar, Onepark, AdopteUnParking, ParkCloud ... all major platforms are supported


Inputs / Outputs

Platform reservations

Creating reservations



Shuttle schedule



And much more besides ...

Hundreds of functions are just a click away to make your day-to-day life easier!
The application is available on IOS and Android and is connected to the cloud, the software and the website.

Solution Park already manages several hundred thousand reservations!

A free trial?

Our solution is already available throughout Europe, Canada, the USA etc...

We offer tailor-made support!

Country where the car park is located

Manage and centralise booking platforms

Our car park management software allows you to centralising booking platformsand manage parking platforms and comparators from a single source.

With over 60 functions our solution saves you several hours a day, while offering your customers a better, more reliable parking service. You remain in control of your reservations and can export them whenever you like.

By registering your car park on different platforms, which are then automatically managed, you can increase your turnover while managing your car park more simply. We have real-life testimonials from car parks that have increased their turnover and efficiency - contact us!

Car park management software

Our offer is particularly suited to airport and railway station car parks who use shuttle buses or valet services and therefore have to manage the flow of customers arriving and departing from the airport. Our application allows you to plan the comings and goings of your shuttles and the number of staff required. If your customers have bought options with their bookings, you'll never forget them again, and you can even suggest new ones. Give it a try - it's revolutionary!

A complete parking application

Our application allows you to manage your car park with statistical tools, you'll know how much profit you're making on each platform (yes, profit!) as well as the number of reservations, turnover, history and forecasts, but also on which hours or days you need more employees. It's all about helping you manage your car park as a business owner. All these functions are as easy to use as possible, and even though it's very simple, we'll train you to use it and offer you technical support and assistance in France. A training programme and video guides are also available to support your employees.